Our office considers it the ultimate compliment when our patients refer their family and friends to us for treatment. The following patients have gone a step further by allowing us to share their comments with you. This way you can see for yourself the kind of dentistry we provide.


It is rare in the age of technology and managed health care to find a compassionate, competent practitioner. Dr. Davidson is both of those, but also a craftsman, a scientist, and a human being. Angels come in various forms.-Dr. Davidson is one of them.

I came to Dr. Davidson after many problems and issues following a failed root canal gone bad. Many surgeries later, with no faith and much fear, I found Dr. Davidson. I would have never thought that I would actually enjoy going to see a Dentist. However, that is what happened. Dr. Davidson explained my dental health care and plan in a way that I understood. He proceeded over time, with a plan created with my input, to my mouth in order--for that I will be forever grateful. My smile shines...

That would be enough of an endorsement: however, I learned the depth of his "humanness" when my brother-my hero and mentor, was dying of cancer. He was weak, debilitated and suffering. A dental emergency occurred during this time and I called Dr. Davidson. His care compassion, concern and willingness to work with our situation is not something you find in this society much. All I can say is that Dr. Davidson is truly an angel in my life.

Holly B.

It has been my good fortune to have been a patient of yours for over eighteen years. Although the term does not pertain to the profession of dentistry, I consider you a master of your craft. Your professionalism is exemplary and is reflected, as well, in your staff. I can only express my appreciation in two words--Thank you.

John C.

Now that I am in my 60's, I should, according to family genetics and a prior dentist, be wearing dentures; but, I am not. After seeing Dr. Davidson save my son's teeth and deal with his dental phobia, I became a client and am thrilled with what he has been able to do for me. He is scrupuloulsy thorough while still careful not to cause pain or anxiety. He is what you want in a dentist-extremely competent and gentle. Now my whole family and many friends receive their dental care from Dr. Davidson, and even more telling, so does my oral surgeon.

Kay E.


I was referred to Dr. Davidson at the age of 18 by one of his clients. I was very impressed with the work he had done on her broken tooth. I had chipped my tooth in childhood and wanted to have it cosmetically fixed to look real. Dr. Davidson had repaired my tooth perfectly, and I therefore continued to see him as my regular dentist. As I've come to know Dr. Davidson over the years I've seen him stay on the cutting edge of technology keeping up with the latest new developments and techniques to always deliver the best periodontal procedures that have maintained the overall look and condition of my teeth. I also have to say that customer service in his office has been bar none with his staff. There have been times when I've needed to get in on short notice and have always been accommodated. Well, today I'm 51 years old and my teeth still look like I'm 18. Thanks Dr. Davidson.

Nick M.


Thank you for the beautiful work you are doing on my teeth.  My new crowns look more natural than I'd imagined possible.  I am so happy with the results.  I appreciate your skills and am so happy to be your patient. Thanks again

Julie G. 


I have been a patient of Dr. Davidson for many years. I started going to him for general dentistry care and found him very personable and knowledgeable in his field. I soon realized that, besides general dentistry, he is truly a designer and architect. I contemplated for years to have my front teeth improved. Dr. Davidson provided the advice and guidance, from the "look" to the partners he recommended for my endondontic and orthodontic treatment. Although it was a long and tedious process, Dr. Davidson provided the support, care, and commitment to produce the look, feel, and health that I desired for my teeth. I am very happy and ever so grateful to Dr. Davidson for all his passion and care in his work. As the outcome, I now feel happy and confident in my smile and the health of my teeth! Thank you!

Diana V.


I was so well informed by doctor Daniel Davidson on every step involved with the implant procedure that the decision to choose an implant for a missing tooth was an easy one. I am very pleased with the results. The tooth looks great, is fully functional, very easy to floss and brush and, most importantly to me, the procedure was painless.

Mark S.

The experience I had with a front tooth implant with Dr. Davidson and his team, was all together successful. After so many years the tooth is still firmly in place and looks great. I would highly recommend Dr. Davidson to anyone. The Hygienist team is also highly skilled so that the follow up with this tooth has always been in a caring and protective environment.

Judy H.

Frankly, I was skeptical when Dr. Davidson suggested replacing the bridgework and splints that he had carefully crafted over the years with Dental Implants.  I had gotten used to seeing my teeth in a glass every night and after all, how much better could the Implants be?  The answer is; Implants are a miracle!  My new teeth have so far exceeded my wildest expectations that words fail me.  Thank you Dr. Dan, you and your wonderful staff have given me a new smile.

Jerry J.


Every dentist that I have seen since you has marveled at my beautiful mouth.  But, I have not been without some dental problems.  However, your work stands strong and is preserved.  My bite is still perfect.  You should be proud of your work and I still thank you for it.  I am a real testimonial for you anytime you should need one.  Gratefully

Barbara I. 

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